Antique American furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries is generally unaffordable for most people or is simply unavailable.  A good reproduction can not only provide the form of the original but also its feel.  It is also available and much more affordable. Drawer

In addition to reproductions, we also build custom furniture based on old designs that are tailored to fit modern needs such as computers, televisions, sound systems or anything you wish to conceal or complement.  Such designs can be based on a specific historical piece or simply be period-inspired.


Why not give your kitchen the feel of an early American home with period-inspired cabinetry?  Most families spend much of their time in the kitchen.  Make it the center of attention in your home.  We will build cabinetry with an aged painted or stained/dyed appearance from yesteryear for your kitchen, bath, pantry, or any room where a beautiful built-in is the answer.